DIY Photobooth Props – The Result!

DIY Photobooth Props – The Result!

So as promised, here are the photos of the props I made. There are still some more I want to make; the monacle would be hilarious, and I’d like some more chalkboards. Probably some more banners too. But anyway, here … Continue reading

DIY Photo Props

DIY Photo Props

I’ve been working on some props for photoshoots the last couple nights and I thought since it took so much work to find the images I wanted and then to draw up a template in Illustrator, I’d post the templates … Continue reading

Camera Giveaway!

Lidia from Oh So Posh must be one of the sweetest, most heartfelt, unselfish people I’ve ever met! Only I’ve never met her. But she has a way of making you feel like you’re met her! She is constantly having sales and giveaways and won’t hesitate to teach you exactly she gets those gorgeous photos! And she’s done it again; she’s giving away a Nikon D90!

Now, I woudln’t call myself a Nikon girl, but truth be told I’ve never tried one, and I certainly wouldn’t turn down a free one! It would most definitely solve my dilemma of not having a back up camera for weddings!

Anyway, I’m just posting to let you know about this great giveaway, if you yourself would care to join!

Good luck!

Create Your Own Watermark

I spent quite a bit of time tonight designing and drawing a new watermark. I love it! I drew it out by hand first then scanned it. Fooled around in Lightroom and wasn’t getting the effect I wanted, so I drew the whole thing in Illustrator. Then I opened it in Photoshop to create both a black and white version, both with 100% and 50% opacity, and saved it as a png.


Let me know what you think!