DIY Photobooth Props – The Result!

So as promised, here are the photos of the props I made. There are still some more I want to make; the monacle would be hilarious, and I’d like some more chalkboards. Probably some more banners too. But anyway, here are the results of my endeavours!

Click to see them larger.

If you’d like to make some of your own photobooth props, you can find some of the templates here.
And here are the results from the first time I tried a photobooth. Not too bad if I do say so myself :)

xo Sandy


DIY Photo Props

I’ve been working on some props for photoshoots the last couple nights and I thought since it took so much work to find the images I wanted and then to draw up a template in Illustrator, I’d post the templates I made for you guys to use.

So, if there are any here that you’re interested in, feel free to download the pdf!

Download pipes.

Download lips.

Download hipster glasses.

Download googley eyes.

Download bow ties.

Download moustaches.

There are a few more I want to do still, especially a monacle! Essentially all you have to do is print the templates out on card stock, cut them out to use them as a stencil and then cut the shapes out of foam, or patterened paper for the ties.

Feel free to post samples of what you create!
P.S. If you’re looking for some more free wedding printables, check out The Off Beat Bride’s 80+ free wedding printables: a huge list of downloadable DIY wedding projects.


<3 Sandy