The McQuarries | St.Thomas, Ontario

Here are some photos from my session with the beautiful McQuarrie family from Thanksgiving weekend!

The St.Thomas train station proved to be an awesome location! I hope you love them Amanda!!



Dilly Beans & Pickles

Tonight I pickled cucumbers and beans from our garden! They are all dill at the moment, although I did get a recipe for mustard beans from my Grandmother that I want to try. I’m very excited to taste the final results and see if I can in fact make a decent pickle. I’ll let you know the verdict in a minimum of three weeks.

Here is the recipe if you’d like to try it:

Into a quart jar put 2 level tbsp. pickling salt, 1/2 c. white vinegar, tip of tsp. alum, dill on top and bottom of jar, 2 cloves of garlic, 3-4 cukes (or other vegetable of your choice). Fill jar with boiling water, seal and let set for minimum 3 weeks.

Also, something very interesting happened. You can’t see it in the photo as it hadn’t developed at the time I took the pictures, but my garlic has turned blue!! I googled it of course thinking that I had done something wrong and ruined the pickles, and found this really interesting article on why it happens. Personally I found it quite charming and I think I’m going to make a point of doing it every time. It can be my signature thing. :) I’ll post a photo later.

Imitating A Scanner Darkly

I know this isn’t technically photography, but I love them too much to not post! All the original photos were taken by me before I did a vector drawing over them.Constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated! I’ve been told they resemble work from A Scanner Darkly. I absolutely love them and could look at all the different shapes and colours in them for hours. I’m really pleased with how they turned out.

This first vector drawing is of my brother Ben. Looking at it today I’m not so much of a fan of his eyes when you zoom in on them. The little smile definitely captures his personality.

Next is a vector of my friend Bethany. The photo was taken on the shore of the Athabasca river in Jasper. My friends and I spend two summers as housekeepers out there. Beautiful land!

This is my friend Yvette. This photo was also taken in Jasper. She has the most amazing and contagious laugh you will ever hear! I love this capture of her.

This is a vector of my boyfriend, Paul. I took the photo at his Dad’s house while we were down visiting. I love the detail in the reflections in both the glass and his glasses.

And this last vector drawing is my favourite. I don’t know what it is; the colours, her expression, or the fact that it was my first. Jessica is also a friend of mine who was living in Jasper with me for two years. So perhaps because it reminds me of a fun time in my life. I can’t look at this picture without tilting my head sideways. I don’t even realize that I’m doing it lol.

This is the website that I took my inspiration from if you’d like to learn how I did it.

Thanks for stopping by!

All That Remains is a Handful of Memories

These images were taken around an old rental house we used to live in. This is where I spent [?] years of my young life growing up. The house belonged to my Grandmother and belonged to her Mother before that (or my Grandpa’s Mother, I’m not sure). Regardless, it’s been in the family for years and was recently sold. The new owners have already begun tearing it down so these photos are all that we will have left.

Retro Bike

Took some photos of a cool old bike my Dad had laying around. My internet research about whether or not the bike actually folds has proven inconclusive. I guess I could always just ask my Dad. :)